• Gaye Burch

Give your Kids the Best Summer of their Life!

Summer has just begun. Are you wondering what you can do to make it great for your kids? Before you know it, September will be here, and you will be deep into another school year. What can you do this summer that will have extreme, lasting, positive results on the future of your children?

The answer is not easy, but can be.

The answer is not expensive--everyone can afford it.

The answer can take a lot of time or just seconds.

The answer is only something YOU can do.

The answer is...........................

Invest this summer in your marriage! That's it.

Stop trying to come up with active, exciting, thrilling activities for your children. Instead, put time and effort into your marriage.

You know how to be a good wife.

You know what your husband likes.

You know what can make your relationship with your husband great.

You know the many things that will improve and enhance your marriage.

Do those things this summer. As a result, your kids will have the best summer ever.

Tell your children you are cooking that particular dinner because Dad loves it.

Tell your children you are buying something because you think Dad would like it.

Make sure your children hear Dad choosing the movie.

Let your children hear you say "I love you!" to your husband.

Get your children involved in loving your husband.

If your kids are older, tell them you are going to make some changes. (They will be very excited)

I know making changes is extremely difficult for us. Some relationships seem to be so habitually far from good, that change seems impossible. Don't let that you stop you. You CAN change yourself. Your husband doesn't have to do anything. Not one thing. You get to make all of the changes----FOR YOUR CHILDREN'S SAKE.

GIVE your children the "summer of their lives". Investing in your marriage is the best thing you can do for your children. Hands Down!