• Gaye Burch

Name Calling

I might be old fashioned, but when I was little I used to be told not to call people names. We were in trouble if we said things such as: “You dummy!” “You’re a tattletale.” “Sissy”. These names seem so mild compared to what kids are called today. I understand kids being called names by their peers, but I don’t understand parents calling their own children degrading names. I hear names like: ”Nightmare, Challenge, Monster, Bulldozer, Fighter, Drama Queen, Crazy, Sneaky Little Thing. Is it possible that your children are living up to the names? What are your children hearing you say about them. Do you say anything positive about them to others? Are you always saying the negative? Is your child so young that you think it doesn’t matter if they hear you? Do you tag on extra phrases at the beginning of the name calling or at the end to soften the way it sounds? Be careful moms. Stop the name calling. Are you putting your kids down without knowing it? What do they have to reach for or to live up to? Come up with some good character adjectives about your children and start using them in conversation about your children. They will start to live up to these, not wanting to disappoint you. What is your teenager hearing you say? “Yeah, she is showing signs of real maturity. She is so responsible when I ask her to…….”. Our children will want to become what thy hear. If thinking of anything positive to say about your child is difficult, I suggest you lthink a little harder, because there is something. Find ONE thing to cultivate. Cultivate it. Find another—cultivate it, etc. Stop the negative name calling and turn it into positive.