• Gaye Burch

Don't Say NO to Things that Don't Matter

As moms we can always look back with regret over things that we have done or not done regarding our children. The regret I am going to share with you might seem trivial, but since I have thought of it many times over the years, I decided I would share it.

When my kids were little I took great pride in the fact that they were always well kept. Their clothes may have been second hand, but they were clean, void of stains and holes, and in my mind, very stylish.

I used to think black tennis shoes on children were extremely tacky and worn only by "country bumpkins" (for lack of a better term). Well, my first born son wanted light-up, black tennis shoes for his birthday. Black tennis shoes were tacky enough, but my child was not going to wear light- up tennis shoes. I do not remember how old he was turning, but my guess is around seven or eight. I did not get him the black light-up shoes, but he received enough gifts that he soon forgot about the tennis shoes.

Twenty years later....................

I have not forgotten. There is not a year that goes by that I have not seen little boys walking in light- up, black tennis shoes. I think they are usually black because the light-up feature is brighter on black. Boys run and do crash landings just to see their shoes light up. They walk with pride down hallways and hope that those who are passing by will notice their feet. They do not parade around to make other children feel badly, nor are they proud of their shoes in a sinful way, children simply love gadgets, and a pair of light-up shoes is a gadget I think every boy deserves the privilege of experiencing (and girls for that matter).

Last week I talked with a boy who had on a pair of these shoes, and with each step the shoes lit up with extreme brightness. When I commented on the brightness, he told me that he plugs them in at night to charge them. Wow! What will they think of next? My boys would have loved a pair of those, and it would not have been detrimental to the men they are today. It makes me sad to think about why I said NO to such a request.

I am writing to tell you Mom, don't say NO without thinking. I know we don't have time to analyze every little decision, but please don not say NO to your child without thinking first of why you are choosing to say NO. You want as few regrets as possible. Maybe you don't even have a reason, you say NO because it is a habit. Say No only when you have a good reason. Find YES's in your child's world.