• Gaye Burch

Five steps to undo worry!

I know as moms we have our plates full and rarely is there a stress free or worry free day. I have a writing exercise that works to relieve stress and worry. Get out your journal or a piece of paper and begin to write. Two columns: on the lefthand side of your paper number down 1 to 5. Next to each number, write the five things that you worry or stress about the most. Then, in the right hand column, next to each stress or worry, write down the name of someone that has it worse than you. For instance, if you wrote:

1. Money……than on the same line, in the right-hand column you will write down someone that you know who has worse money struggles than you do.

2. Health….... On the same line, in the right-hand column, write down someone you know that has worse health issues than you.

If for number three you wrote down marital problems, than on the right hand side you could write down the name of someone who has just lost their husband, etc. Do this for each number.

After you have completed this five number list….instead of praying about your own troubles you will look on the right-hand column and pray for those people instead. This prayer exercise will cause you to take your mind off of yourself and pray for someone else instead. It might even cause you to praise the Lord for your own circumstances, because in light of someone else's more severe problems, yours might seem a little more endurable.