• Gaye Burch

Three Breaks a Day from Baby Care: Happy Baby-------Super Happy Mom

Do you ever get frustrated that you can only read, exercise or get stuff done when your baby is sleeping? There is an answer my friend. I am sitting here on my living room couch listening to my foster baby make baby noises. She is super content right now. She is in the playpen right behind the couch. She knows that I am right behind her, but she also knows that I am not going to get her out right now. She is 11 months old. Aaaaaah! Uninterrupted thirty minutes to myself. This is so nice! She is safely out of the way, and I don't have to entertain her or keep a close eye on her. She has been in there for about twenty minutes. She will be in there for another ten or fifteen minutes. I wish I could video her so you could see how happy she is, but I can't because she is a foster baby. We call this time "playpen time". She plays in the playpen three times a day. That is three times a day that I do not have to have her under my feet, worry about her touching things that she shouldn't, or have to constantly put her back down--since she pulls up on everything and gets stuck, because she doesn't know how to let herself down yet. Three times a day that I get things done, have a break from her care, and get to just listen to her hilarious sounds. Playpen time is a life saver for me. I have used the playpen (or pack-n-play) for all seven of my children and couldn't have lived without those breaks in my day. If you need some breaks----set up the pack-n-play.