• Gaye Burch

My Book is Done!

I am excited and nervous to say that my book is done and available on Amazon. The exciting thing is the first purchase of my book was done on Thanksgiving Day and purchased before I even knew it was available. Today is the day after Thanksgiving and I am sitting in my kitchen about to eat leftovers from our annual Thanksgiving Day brunch. These leftovers consist of quiche, fruit salad, holiday breads (pumpkin, zucchini, cranberry, and holiday), and if there is any left, hot cider. Hoping that my adult son, Drew, and his wife, Leah; who are visiting from Colorado, don't sleep too long…I am taking it upon myself to do another one of our traditions very LOUDLY, and that tradition is to play the Carpenter's Christmas album early in the morning. This is the first hint of Christmas in our home and happens every year, early in the morning the day after Thanksgiving. This afternoon we are going to Saw Tooth Canyon to rock climb. I will be sitting on the sidelines, in my wheel chair, keeping an eye on our foster baby. Maybe taking some pictures for my next post!