"On the count of three, jump!"


My name is Gaye Burch 

I live in the Mojave Desert in Southern California

I am a follower of Jesus Christ

Mom of seven children

Foster mom to six babies

Wife of the same man for 26 years

Homeschool mom for 21 years

I have a passion for all food and yet have been dieting my whole life.


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January 13, 2019

Does your child tell or ask? I am noticing a trend with children today, telling their parents what they are about to do, instead of asking permission for what they want to do.This habit starts as young as three years old. Often the parent is distracted and might respond, but the responses are sometimes simple acknowledgments of having heard what their child said, and thus giving permission. You may be fine with what they are about to do, or want, but having your child ask instead of tell is very important. Having yo...

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Gaye talks with Julie Rupp on "Parenting Tomorrow's Leaders."